About us

We are a picture of hope and restoration. Our life together has the strokes of scars that paint a beautiful picture of reconciliation. Together we have overcome what most would have said was impossible to recover from. Our marriage seemed to be the perfect storm that would devastate the landscape of both of our already broken hearts. Together we would walk through addictions, abuse, adultery, and illness. Our idea of marriage was full of lies and false expectations, which soon led to disappointment and a hope deferred. Both of us were self proclaimed christians and had asked Jesus into our hearts, yet we were still a mess. And in the midst of all the pain and struggle, God would come meet us where we were. He recognized something in us that we had not yet seen. He saw the reflection of the One we had asked to come in and rescue us long ago. We had lost sight of who He was and who we were in Him. Job 23:10 says "Yet He knows the way I have taken, when He has tested me, I will emerge as pure gold. Now we are called to help you emerge and come out of the darkness to the light. Our ministry is tucked in a small part of south Texas called La Vernia. Our heart is to lift up our local churches in intercession and to sow unity in the community. Isaiah 61 burns in us and has commissioned that call in and over our ministry. We know we have the anointing for reconciliation and connection and intend to establish heaven here on earth.