Our timeline holds all kinds of hidden pains and trauma that can affect our present. Tucked away in our spirits are belief systems that rule every decision we make. One ungodly belief can allow negativity and self doubt to seep into our belief system and poison our self worth and ultimately our health. Once free, that boldness of our child like spirit begins to rise up and change the world. Our heart for you is to remind you it's okay to dream! The things that have plagued you will leave at the sound of the true identity. We are calling you out of the chaos to reveal your original design.  

inner healing

Isaiah 61:1 He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim release to the captives and freedom to prisoners. 

We offer inner healing and believe in the laying on of hands. 

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worship nights

In addition to being called to healing, We know we are to saturate the region with praise and intercession. Join us on Friday nights as we worship and pray for our city.

Worship begins at 7:00 

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